Usagi And Seiya-Heart-By my Haruka

Friends only

Welcome to my Lj
I'm a very nice and friendly person and if you want to get to know me all I ask is you follow a few rules!
1: have at least 2 things in common with me
2: don't add me just to make your friend's list bigger.. serial adders will not be added back
3: absoutly no drama.. save it for your own lj.. don't bring drama or start it in my lj or with any of my friends.
4: back stabbers need not apply..
5: No talking shit about me behind my back because that will earn you a automatic booting off my friends list!
6: Any pictures I post here or anything i say in a friends locked post needs to stay on my lj.. if I find out you are leaking info from my lj to an outside source then that is an automatic booting off my lj!
Comment to be added!

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No drama please,No stealing my pictures
Usagi And Seiya-Heart-By my Haruka

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the cut has been made! if you can see my previous friend's only post then that means you where not cut! congradulations! ^_^